Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainy Day, Long Lines

Here I am, trying to pick up my kids at school at 3:30. When it rains, desert parents typically don't want their precious sugar children to attempt a walk home in the precipitation. You'll notice, it's not even raining yet, and most of the kids who attend this school live within a mile of school. I pick up my kids every day, rain or shine, because they lug so much JUNK to school, walking to school would take forever, and riding their bikes is not a feasible option. We don't have lockers on campus, so the kids are required to tote all of the notebooks and textbooks in their backpacks. Ouch!


katherine. said...

I remember those days...that is why I swore I would NEVER drive a

Sanni said...

I'm looking forward to these days ;-)

My mom used to pick me up from school everyday, too - I could have taken the bus, but it made me so SO sick.

Great excuse, huh...?

Daddy Forever said...

Most kids take the school bus in our area. The district could save millions if they eliminate the school buses, but I don't think most parents would be happy with that.