Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reality Sets In

A sad reality of the school budget cuts, the cabinets that used to be filled with colored copy paper are now nearly bare. Teachers are now allotted reams of white copy paper to last them a certain period of time, and if they want colored paper, they must trade in their white paper. Not an ideal situation, but it has forced the school's staff to be more creative when it comes to developing lessons for the kids and distributing news. School communiques are now distributed exclusively via e-mail, the web site, and telephone. The upper grades are taking tests online, and teachers are rethinking the amount of homework that needs to be sent home (which thrills my son!).


katherine. said...

that is just sad.

Karmyn R said...

Wow. That makes me want to buy a few reams of paper for them.

Sanni @ Life... said...

oh no... that's so sad!
I remember a photo showings lots of colored copy paper on your P365 :-(

I'm feeling a bit guilty to tag you in a comment of this photo... but... ehm... there's a little photo meme waiting for you on my photoblog and I thought it would be a nice idea for Ice Box Chips... would you... pretty please...?

Daddy Forever said...

Over here, the State is trying to get the teachers to work a few days for free. Otherwise, the school year will end earlier than planned.